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Professional Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting (by appointment)

Stadium Bike’s Professional Fitting approach deals with riders on an individual level and focuses on each person’s anatomy, flexibility, range of motion and riding style. We take bike fitting a step further by employing body alignment principles derived from yoga and physical therapy. Yoga teaches proper alignment and furthers range of motion in the body while physical therapy finds the imbalances and misalignments and corrects these via strengthening and stretching. These principles diagnose each rider’s flexibility and alignment to determine their best fit. Traditional bike fitting approaches are based solely on formulas and a few key measurements.

Additionally, you’ll be more comfortable, more efficient and more powerful leading to better climbing ability, a better average speed and an overall better riding experience.

Whether you are purchasing a new bike or want to improve the ride of your trusty frame, your position can make or break your riding experience. Symptoms such as back pain, numbness in the hands/feet and knee pain can be eliminated with correct body-to-bike position.

General Fitting Process

1. Interview (20 minutes) — Here we gather your general information to better understand your needs, riding style and experience.

2. Assess Range of Motion (10 minutes) — Assess your flexibility and range of motion to better understand your unique properties so that the fit can be tailored specifically to you.

3. Adjust Bike Position (45 minutes) — Here we adjust your bike to get the proper alignment for your legs, spine, shoulders, arms, hand and feet. We will also fine-tune the seat height, fore and aft; stem length and height; bar width and shape; and adjust your pedal cleat position to achieve the proper alignment for your body. We want to position you on your bike so that you don’t enter into a range of motion you don’t have.

4. Review Problem Areas & Checkpoints (15 minutes) — We’ll review your fit form and notes about issues and problem areas. Checking how the completed fitting feels and giving a plan how to work with the new position. We’ll also review stretching and proper alignment cues.

A complete fitting takes about 90 minutes and costs $125. Be sure to bring along cycling clothing and your riding shoes.